We understand that some of you might need something more.

That's why we also provide a custom made products.

Each pieces will perfectly crafted to meet your needs.


Love our products much, but still wanna add a bit of you in it?
Looking for a one of a kind gift that will last for a lifetime?
Look some pretty wooden things somewhere and wish to have it yourself?
Yesss, we can craft it for you.


To all business owners and designers, we are here for you too.
A high quality handcrafted wood product that will boost up your brand.
You can custom any design that came across your mind, from wooden bowl to coffee platter, from menu book to interior accessories, or even a corporate hampers too!

Explore more of our projects here.

For price quotation, please ask us directly via whatsapp +62 838 4286 0600 or drop us a message here.

The following informations are required :
Product size (height, lenght, widht)
Add personalized engraving / not
Engraving size
Quantity order
Reference picture