About Us

Who we are

We are a local business based in Semarang, Indonesia. Our journey started out of love for local Indonesian products, in particular woodcraft.

From this passion
 for woodcraft, we visited various areas in Indonesia to explore the local woodcraft industry. While on this trip, we was truly captivated by the quality of work produced by the local craftsmen, however as a customer, we found that the products sold from one shop to another are quite similar and it was difficult to find customized handmade products that are affordable. This experience has driven us to do something different as we believe there are potentials in the market to offer customers with something unique. Through persistent hard work, Undhagi was founded in 2015

The name Undhagi, came from ancient Javanese language, meaning “wood craftsman”. We chose this name as a homage to the talented people who skillfully crafted each and every Undhagi productsAt Undhagi, we are committed to provide our customers with high quality, handmade woodcraft that are elegant, functional and affordable.

What we offer

Our products are varied, ranging from kitchenware to houseware. Browse through our range of products here.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, we are happy to accept customized product orders. 

We also welcome retail and wholesale enquiries. 

Please contact us here for further details.

Our clientele

We are happy when our customers are happy with our products. Over the years, we have catered different industries, from restaurants, hotels to private events (weddings, birthdays, etc). Here are some of our works for our customers.